by JC

One who fails to appreciate good is as guilty as one who fails to condemn evil as non is a friend of a just society.

There are some facts which I believe we can all agree on;

· The last election is a great improvement of previous elections

· There were pockets of irregularities in some areas.

· The irregularities were not as a result of a faulty process but as a result of desperate few who were bent on manipulating the system.

· Though the desperado politicians succeeded in some areas, they may not have succeeded in changing the outcome of the elections (esp at the national level).

· The process is such that where there were irregularities it is easy to fish out.

· The electoral process has an aspect (election tribunals) which is meant to address such irregularities.

· The outcome of the election to a very large extent represents the will of the people.

· Unlike in previous elections we didn’t see any obvious collaboration between the FG and electoral body to manipulate the elections

· We can then say that the election was credible.

· Though we are not there yet, but we have something we can build on.

The many negative reports in the (foreign) media/internet is not surprising, because when a CHILD SINGS it’s no news but when a CHILD BARKS, it becomes news. Hence the media will continue broadcasting on one polling station where there was an irregularity ignoring 100 polling stations where things went well.

In as much as we support that irregularities should be addressed and offenders punished IT SHOULD NOT BE AT THE EXPENSE OF THE WHOLE PROCESS.

We need to be careful so that our genuine effort to improve a system does not destroy the process instead as some elements who feels they have lost out have plans to brew confusion, create anarchy and pave way for military to take over.

We should remember what happened with June 12 elections, the election may not have been perfect, MKO may not have been a saint, but if that process was not truncated we would have moved past where we are today.

While we condemn and strategize to flush out the bad elements in our system, we should celebrate the good ones and we should applaud and broadcast our achievements.

Nigerians all desire a positive change, there is change in the air, let’s all join hand and institute the change. WE ARE ALL STAKHOLDERS. The change we need is in you. Be part of the process. Be positive. See both the good and the bad. But I will advice that you see the good first.

One who fails to appreciate good is as guilty as one who fails to condemn evil.


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by: Musa

There was great improvement, but there is still room for further improvement. INEC should start working on identified lapses

by: Anonymous

The was a success, I give it 75%

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