Buhari led APC Government not observant.

by Chucks Ugbor

Buhari led APC Government not observant.

I congratulate you for the first 100 days in office, President Muhammud Buhari.
May I use this opportunity to draw your attention to previous articles posted on this web site titled:
1.) “THREE DAYS TO ACT.“ on Feb 06, 2015
by: Anonymous.
by: Anonymous.
by: Anonymous.
I quote” This is a Spiritual Message for the out-going President Jonathan and the President elect Gen. Buhari.
You may also wish to ignore this message as usual.

I have to remind Mr. President that his assignment has not ended yet, and that he should not leave office without initiating and establishing a Reconciliation Commission or a Peace Making Commission for Nigeria's former Heads of State and Presidents, and all those who feel their human rights were abused or violated by former regimes. This should involve the whole nation. The exercise should be jointly carried out by the seating President Goodluck Jonathan and the President-Elect, Gen. Muhammud Buhari before the handing over and the Presidential Ceremonies on May 29th.2015.”

See also “A message for President- Elect Gen.Buhari” on Apr 22, 2015.

With every respect due to you as a person and as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I write this piece to remind you of your government’s inability to heed to a Spiritual message posted on 22nd April 2015, and state that no action has been taken by you Mr. President and you have also failed to initiate same since May 29th 2015 on assumption of office as the president of Nigeria.
You are once more reminded that it was God who made you the President of this great country Nigeria and not any human being or ‘political god fathers and mothers’ as widely claimed by Nigerians.
Your calling is divine, to fulfil God’s words, therefore the choice is yours, to be the Greatest President that ever ruled Nigeria up to date or the Worst Leader Nigeria ever had. Your Special Senior Assistants on media and publicity namely Mr. Femi Adesina and Mr. Garba Shehu cannot claim to be unaware of the postings at Abuja- ng .com website.
Please bear in mind that you are a Father of all Nigerians, a President of all Nigerians and a Liberator of all the oppressed children of God. It is imperative therefore that you play your role honestly without any bias or discrimination based on Religion, Ethnicity, Political inclination, or Sex, but to lead Nigeria with “FEAR OF GOD” as your Motto.
May God give you Good Health, Strength, Courage and Wisdom to lead the country aright, Amen.
By Chucks Ugbor, a Management Consultant and a Human Rights Activist, based in Austria.

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