by Cpl Belemu Ebiotu

My name is Belemu Ebiotu hail from Bayelsa state of Nigeria in Ekeremor L.G.A. I will be the most happy person for hear that you fix Nigerian police to be a better organisation. If I may say corruption in Nigerian police,is from high ranking officers on top. Then take a good look in our salary especially the rank and file. According to the musa yaradu'a the late president and his Government,they said a police corporal take home salary is #86,000 but why the police service commission collaborate with the pass IGP'S by paying the rank and file half salaries? I believe you're a good president to govern this country Nigeria. Whoever behind this should be probe so that up coming IGP'S will behave as normal Nigerian. my excellency Muhammmadu Buhari if you could consider it and cleans Nigeria police,infact the whole nigerians will rejoice and not only members of nigeria police and the whole world. And your name president Muhammmadu Buhari will reign forever in the whole world and for the entire nigerians.

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