Because qualitative education outside the classroom and optimum academic performance both warrant that! Therefore, it is imperative and expedient to have a professional home/ private tutor who have a penchant for intensive, one-on-one private lesson tutorial that will thoroughly build and equip your child for outstanding academic excellence, beginning from the cradle to the peak.
As a reputable, private teaching firm with a very professional teaching style, we have a teaching template that you, our envisioned, prospective clients cannot but subscribe to.
We are a pacesetting teaching firm, leading in terms of qualitative teaching service delivery at the convenience of our clients’ homes, within the FCT. We specialize basically in the following educational services: AMERICAN & BRITISH CURICULLA IN ALL GRADES, MONTESSORI BASED EARLY YEARS, PHONICS BASED NURSERY CLASSES, GRADE 1-HIGH SCHOOL, PRIM 1-6, JSS 1-SS3, SAT, TOEFL, GRE, IGCSE, IELTS, CHECKPOINT, CAMBRIDGE A”LEVEL, ICAN, GMATHS, WAEC AND NECO (GCE), ALL JOBS APTITUDES, ADULT CLASSES, ALL PROFESSIONAL TEXTBOOKS SUPPLY IN 24 HRS, IJMB, UNDER GRADUATE CLASSES, OPEN UNIVERSITY TUTORIALS ETC.
Private teaching on a one-on- one basic is doubtlessly the most rewarding and result achieving way of learning. This is adopted to help your ward to quickly improve and outperform his/her peers or classmates academically after temporarily losing focus in certain subjects. With this outside –the-school approach to academic excellence, we guarantee dramatic academic improvement of your wards within the shortest possible time if only you (our prospective clients) can give us the chance.
Through private (lesson) teaching will certainly offer a number of benefits to your ward/child visa-vise: improving his levels of academic performance at school, boosting his confidence when in class, enhancing his interest, enjoyment and motivation when in class in other subjects in which his performance was previously below expectation. The extra concentration and keen attention of specialized, one-on-one private teaching can be very decisive and veritable in making the difference regarding academic excellence. this is what we are cut out for. in a bid to ensure your child’s attain enviable academic performance, set and dictate the pace among his equals and fulfill his academic potentials. We are here, clamoring for an opportunity from you.
Apart from our quality service delivery in the convenience of your home, our tutors are professionals, noble ,very friendly, punctual, respectful, calm, creative, good listener, firm and fair, instill confidence in the child, knowledgeable and most importantly, caring.
Place your call today and we shall reach you anywhere you reside… call Mr. Isaiah on +2349092844838, +2348154551066. Locate us at 28 IBM Haruna street Utako Abuja.


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Aug 07, 2015
essay writing company NEW
by: Anonymous

Love, hate red, jealousy etc. are the feelings that human beings have learned since its inception and they taught it to others in the form of non-verbal communication and for it there is no formal educational institution in the world.

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