Be an Edmark Distributor

The Edmark Double Bonus Marketing Plan consists of both the Point Sharing System and the Block System. Thus, giving maximum benefits and returns.

There are 9 great bonuses in the marketing plan:

1. Retail Profit 15-25%
2. Performance Bonus (Accumulative) 20%
3. Manager Bonus 14%
4. Achievement Bonus 3%
5. Leadership Bonus 25% (Income potential from the 2nd level downwards is unlimited)
6. Traveling Fund 2%7. Year-End Bonus 2%
8. Car Fund 3%
9. House Fund 2%

All in all, the total pay out is 71%. This is one of the highest pay-outs in the industry today. In addition, there is a special free products redemption voucher. The qualifiers get free company products equivalent to the value of 10% of the sales volume.

This is the path to financial freedom. Where your yearly income can become your monthly income.

Reality Check

Key Questions?
1. Can I make good money?
2. Can I do so quickly?
3. Can I do so easily?
4. Can I use a proven system?
5. Can I find everyday people doing it?


It has been proven that our system really works as manifested in our countless achievers (LINK TO SUCCESS STORIES) who are now enjoying unparalleled income, travel perks, luxurious cars and houses of their own. So what are you waiting for? The choice is in your hands.

How to get started as a Distributor?

Dream List
Ask yourself the purpose of you joining EDMARK and dream big.

Name List
Make a list of all the people around you, friends, relatives, associates, colleagues, schoolmates, etc.

Invitations & Appointments
Invite them and make appointments for them to attend meetings and Business Opportunity gatherings. You should show great enthusiasm in your invitation to create the excitement of sharing the EDMARK Business Opportunity. Use all your resources including text messaging to remind the invitees.

Show The Plan
Share the unique EDMARK (Double Bonus) Marketing Plan to the invitees. Ask your uplines to assist in explaining the opportunities.

Be a 100% User of The Company’s Products Use all the EDMARK’s range of products. Once you’ve experienced it for yourself you will be able to RE-TELL it with greater conviction and enthusiasm.

Use All the recommended books & Training Facilities:
Read all the recommended books and training literature.http://www.abuja-ng.com/real-estate-in-abuja.html#RealEstAD
Listen to the recommended tapes and VCD’s
Attend all functions, events and training seminarsProducts
What is Healthy Living?

Our physical appearance is a reflection of our state of health. Being overweight is an indication of a highly toxic body due to poor digestion and blood circulation and an inefficient defecation cycle. It is also a manifestation of an unhealthy lifestyle characterized by a high cholesterol diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

When one is showing signs of aging, it is a warning that the body is starting to deteriorate and is becoming a sure candidate to chronic diseases, cardiovascular and heart problems. Hence, managing our health is essential to sustain ourselves, not just to look good but also for us to function at our peak while doing our daily activities.

However, there is more to healthy living than just eating well, exercising and seeking cure when the need arises. Edmark’s Healthy Living Products presents four basic steps called the Power 4 Slimming Program that will jumpstart your journey to health and over-all fitness Beverages
Cafe 73 with Ganoderma Extract is much healthier than regular coffee as it has many beneficial properties with lesser amount of caffeine that can otherwise be harmful for the body.
Edmark Cappuccino An addition to the range of healthy drinks that you will definitely love! Unlike any ordinary coffee, it is mixed with Ganoderma extract that contains properties beneficial to the body. On top of being tasty, the Edmark Cappuccino will definitely boost your day!
- See more at: http://edmarker.com/products/beverages/#sthash.dasu6ULH.dpuf CALL ME TO ORDER ON 08130122561 THANKS PETER

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