Gudu Residential land, 1,536.74sqms, C of O, Price: N65Million

by Engr. Nwachukwu


Special Property Offers (Serious Buyers only)

. Dutse Gudu, Hotel land 1.53 hectares, C of O, N600 million asking
. Idu Industiral land, along the road, 1.22 hectares, C of O, price: N135 million
. A multi-function land, 50 hectares at Airport road, (Sabon lube South west extension) with good lant topography, at N350million
. Asokoro Main (close to AIT), Residential, 2328.13sqms C of O N180million Close to ECOWAS ASOKORO, bebind old police station, by MOGADISHU KANTOMENT Abuja.
. Idu Industrial land, 6,273.13sqms, C of O, Price: N80Million net
. Jahi Multi-Purpose, 2,464.02sqms, C of O, Price: N100million
. Karmo Residential land, Medium Density, Private Housing Estate, R of O, 4,344.16sqms, Price: N100million
. Utako, a 24 bedroom duplex, on a 2,400.39sqms, fully furnished, C of O, Price: N750 million
. Gudu Residential land, 1,536.74sqms, C of O, Price: N65Million
. Wumba, Public Institution (Secondary School), 5.91 hectares, C of O, Price: N600million
. Karmo Residential land, Mudium Density, 1,576.70sqms, price: N20 million
. Idu industrial land, (not specified) 9,784.77sqms, C of O, Price: N150 million
. Idu indudstiral land, (not specified) 9,797.96sqms, C o O, Price: N160 million
. Karmo Residential land, (priv, Residential), 2,133,30sqms, C of O, Price: N45million
. Kukwaba, Petrol Filling station land by Games Village, 8428.24sqms, R of O, Price: N150 milliion
. Dape, Petrol Fillion station land, 3,454.75sqms, C of O, Price: N85Million
. Kubwa, petrol Fillion station land, 8820.02sqms, R of O, Price: N80 million
. Apo petrol fillion station land, 4,996.93sqms, Commerical R of O, N400million
. Karsana South, 20.13 Hactares, Shopping & Office, Commerical, R of O, Price: N600 million
. Idu industrial land, 6,300sqms, C of O, Price: N70 million
. Karmo Residential, C of O, 1000sqms, Price: N20 million
. Kubwa fully completed petrol fillion station, with about 18 pumps, newly built, Price: N450 million net
. Kuja area Council, 38 Hectares, R of O, Comprehensive Development, price: N350Million

However, it should be noted that the above property are offered to other interested clients, it is on a “First Come First Serve basis”.
For further information kindly visit us at the below address today.
Thank you.

Contact: Engr Nwachukwu
Business Development Manager @
DCL Properties Co. Ltd
Lead Guaranteed Results Ltd
Address: Plot 1299, Fumilayo Ransome Kuti Road,
Area 3, Garki, Abuja-Nigeria
Tel: +2348054444462 or +2348055557545

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