Houses for sale/Rent. Land for sale

by Uzoma Okwute

1)Carcase duplex at Saraha Estate Wumba district for sale.(Lintel Level)18M,asking price.

2)5units of 3 bedrms (high density building)for sale at Area1 Garki,220M,asking price.

1)4units of serviced 2 bedrooms for rent at Apo Resettlement,1.5m per anum.
2)3bed rms terrace duplex wt a rm bq,serviced at Gudu,3.5m,1yr.
3)4bedrms duplex,wt 2bedrms bq,at Games village,3.5m,per anum. 4bedrm duplex @ Garki 11,4.5m,per annum.
All tastefully finished.

A)5.2 hectrs plots of land at wumber district,(Title-mass housing)570m,asking price.
B)1.5hecters at Kaura District(Public Institution,can be used as a place of worship)170m,asking price.
C)927.27sqm,at Dakibiyu,(Title,C.of.O,residential plot)15m asking price.
D)Kyami 2,125.45sqm2(Title,C.of.O)Residential plot. Asking price,6.5m.

E)2007.03sqm2 @Guzape,(Title,C.of.O)Residential Plot. 100m,asking price.

F)1,849.21sqm2 @Guzape(Title,C.of.O)Residential Plot.80m,asking price.

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