by Bridgette

Swissgolden is a brand new investment and business opportunity currently happening in France and other international countries.

Product Features:
- Of 24k Gold bullion Investment
- A purity of 999.9 mil.
- A weight of 1 to 100 grams.
- Six companies producing Gold

Swissgolden proposes various options:

- The online purchase of bullion Gold Investment through its virtual store.
- Buying gold through its voucher program broadcast by Network Marketing.
- The purchase of investment gold (marketing tables) through its Leadership program.

Make a single payment of 220, 720, 1050, 2800 or 9850 euros to access a table an investment. Start working with the help of your sponsor by sponsoring 2 people minimum.

For an investment of €220 earns you a bonus of 800 euros.
For an investment of € 720 earns you a bonus of 2800 euros.
More investment, the greater the gains are higher with a minimum of 2 sponsorship to hit the earnings of each investment tables.

Keep in mind that gold investment is not lost you can completely control the gold or leave the safe in their trunk.

Earnings can be withdrawn by bank transfer, the Mastercard credit card has recently become available for withdrawals safely and quickly.
For more information /how to join - call/whatsapp 08083141707

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BEWARE OF PONZI SCHEMES - MOST people who invest in ponzi schemes lose their money.