by Chimapeters

Are you looking forward to reap a Bumper harvest from Agriculture Come 2017?

Are you a Civil servant?Hotel manager? Etc....And you wish to set up a Fish farm or Invest on Fish farming,Or Other farm produce like,...Onions,Vegetables, Sweet potatoes..Etc
@NICI we got you Covered all round.
Our Services are:
Farm management.
Leasing/Sales of Farm tractors.
Harvesting/Land preparations for Farmers.
Lease of plots for Agriculture Cultivation.
Lease of Fish pounds.
Export/Sales of frozen Beef & Agricultural produce.
We Are Located@No..38 Obama close Gosa before Bridge Airport Road Abuja-Nigeria
....Diversifying Nigeria for wouldn't knw who might be looking for this great opportunity....... RE-BROADCAST

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BEWARE OF PONZI SCHEMES - MOST people who invest in ponzi schemes lose their money.