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Treehouse concepts and construction is a fantastic way of providing aesthetics and leisure in recreational and even residential adds to the uniqueness and beauty of the built up environment by reserving a very considerable part of nature. KEMS Treehouse Concepts have seasoned designers and Engineers in treehouses construction. KEMS Treehouse Concepts (KTC) intends to proliferate Treehouse concepts and construction for recreational and leisure purposes in Nigeria.

KEMS Treehouse Concept is a subsidiary of Larkland Multiglobal Ventures. Larkland Multiglobal Ventures was established in 2012 and has been involved in broad based consultancy, construction and project management in the construction industry.
Our partners are well experienced, having worked for so many years in the construction, consulting and government establishments. Our teams of technicians have a sound knowledge of the profession and have developed integrity and competence over the years.
We are commited to a high degree of professionalism and we aim to develop a long term relationship with our clients based on integrity, honesty, delivery on time, and cost effective high level of efficiency.

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