Kubwa District of Abuja

Kubwa is one of the major suburban districts in Abuja. It is mainly a residential area and is densely populated. It is about 25 minutes from the Central Business District of Abuja. It is on the right side of the Murtala Mohammed Express Way (from the city centre to Suleja).

The Murtala Mohammed Express Way has heavy traffic in the early hours of the morning between 6.00am to 10.00am and 4.00pm to 8.30pm on the lanes from Kubwa to city centre and city centre to Kubwa respectively. During these periods of heavy traffic the journey to or from Kubwa to city centre could take well over one hour. The Express way is presently being expanded.

Kubwa has different parts including Kubwa FHA, Phase 2 (Phase 2 site and Phase 2 site 2), Phase 3, Army Quarters and Kubwa village. Kubwa village is where the indigenes where resettled. There is one major road that runs through Kubwa that is Gado Nasco road. Most commercial buildings in the area are located along Gado Nasco road

Landmarks in Kubwa include....

  • 1st Gate – the first major entrance to Kubwa when coming from the city centre
  • 2nd Gate – the second major entrance to Kubwa when coming from the city centre
  • Mr Biggs

  • Chicken Republic
  • RCCG Kingdom Life Parish (Redeem Church)
  • St Leo Catholic Church
  • Diamond Bank Office
  • Oceanic Bank Office
  • Zenith Bank Office
  • NYSC Orientation Camp
  • Kubwa Market

Hotels in Kubwa include ....

  • Diamond Exclusive Suites, Sultan Dasuki Road, Phase 2, Kubwa.
  • Ignobis Hotels, Kubwa.
  • Roops Hotels, Kubwa.

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