Legit Online Business That You Can Start With #4,000 Only

by Johnson

Legit online business that you can start with #4,000 only.

Introducing An Unbeatable Lifetime Financial Empowerment Opportunity.


MELISFON fully registered with FGN. RC NO 1345270

Meridian life support foundation, also known as melisfon is an amazing organization that is transforming lives…amazing testimonies in different cities.

Continous increase in earnings , teammates and rankings always. Signing up with any one within the amazing team structure of Melisfon Family Team (MFT) is signing up with victory as follow through our collective winning strategies.

we believe network marketing is a business for your self but not by your self, our amazing team structure can serve you better no matter the country or City you wish to operate your melisfon business from.



MELISFON Rock's right now and it’s like no other in the MLM industry right now and hence the more reason I’d expect you to join the moving train.

It’ll take lesser effort from your part as regards prospecting, let’s say you only got 2 people and those 2 people got just 2…, you can hit the Diamond Stage within 8 weeks and Infinity Stage within 36 weeks max.

Let’s say it takes you a year to achieve the Infinity Stage, The work you’re doing right now, how many times can it fetch you N1,000,000 within a year? Remember it’s a passive income of $5,000 (N1 million) till Infinity.

Your earning in MELISFON e-wallat is transferable to your local bank account within 24-48 hours upon a request for withdrawal.

You can choose Smart work instead over hard work with MELISFON if you’d decide to JOIN my team

Benefits Of Join My Team.

I will create a FREE WEBSITE like this one.
I will advertise your Melisfon website in 10 Advertising website with high visitors
i will show you how you can get thousands of people to join you.
24/7 Assistance

I belong to a very fast MELISFON team that is interested in raising 15 millionaires in Next 2 Months.

1.I and my team will personally coach you on how to succeed in this business within the shortest period of time because YOU are our priority.

2.We organise regular seminars, give you strategies on how to build your network.

3.Spillover is guaranteed.

4. Don't be discouraged if you're the shy type, we liase with your prospects on your behalf

The Registration is done online, using generated E-PIN that will be sent to you by the ADMIN or your UPLINE after your PAYMENT.


Wassap/call +2348185552752

Therefore you will have to pay the N4,000 to the ADMIN or (YOUR SPONSOR) to get the E-PIN to complete your registration.

You can decide to do the registration by yourself or your Sponsor helps you out, using the E-pin that will be sent to you after your payment.

Contact : Wassap/call +2348185552752

Melisfon family team is a team of professional network marketers promoting melisfon strategically and successfully. SEE YOU AT THE TOP

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Mar 14, 2017
Beware NEW
by: Admin

Any business that promises you outrageous returns may be a Ponzi scheme or fraud. Business is basically exchange of values, the payment you receive is a reward for the value you give. When you are disposed to receive rewards without offering any value, you are prone to be defrauded.
When people ask you to invest your money with some promises of great rewards within a short time, ask some questions;
· How are they making the money they will pay you?
· What value does the business create?
· What is their track record?
· If the business is real why are they not getting funding from financial institutions who have the capacity to verify their claims?
· If they are a charity organization why are they asking for the little you have first?
BEWARE! Ponzi schemes benefit only the operators and few others whom the use as baits to attract more people, MOST people who invest in Ponzi schemes lose their money.

Feb 16, 2017
do send a message NEW
by: Brete Pete

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Brete Peterson...

Feb 07, 2017
Business is exchange of values NEW
by: JC

Business is exchange of values, the money you are paid is a reward for the goods or service you rendered.
Be wise

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BEWARE OF PONZI SCHEMES - MOST people who invest in ponzi schemes lose their money.