I run a laundry business here in abuja, it is a small business meanwhile i have issue marketing the business to people besides my family and church members.
I am trying to send out proposals for my laundry business but do not not sure on how to go about it


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by: Anonymous

M facin the same problem here in AKURE

How to advertise my laundry service NEW
by: Anonymous

M facin the same problem here in Akure ,I need to reach out but Dnt Know how

by: Anonymous

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Marketing tips NEW
by: Jetcom

Marketing is about strategy.

You need to identify your target market.

You need to find out what their specific need for laundry if e.g could it be the need specialized service, prompt service, home delivery, cheaper service? etc.

Then you find a way of meeting this need. There are obviously people who are already in this market, some of the people you are trying to reach already have where the do their laundry. Them you need to find a competitive advantage.

It is also good you have started with your friends and family, so ensure you delight them, they will also send works to their friends and family hence increasing your customer base.

You also can advertise through fliers, online (e.g on, bill boards etc.

Move NEW
by: Anonymous

As an enterprenuer, the first thing you must always remember is that you are the chief marketing executive of your business.. that means you will always have to move out of your comfort Zone, if it means distributing handbills, giving discounts etc, you must always think of a way of letting other people know what you do... I hope this helps

Hi everyone NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a salon with laundry in lugbe area of abuja .i have been having some little challenges because of money issue.. can someone pls tell me how i can get access to small loan .. here is my no.08066665602

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