Monetize your loyalty

by Shola

The question that you struggle with in mind is whether YOU CAN DO what is required to achieve such promised income opportunity or not.

You love what this potential abundance can do to you but you hate the fact that you can't do most of what they are asking you to. It's no brainer that people would settle for a 5-figure income if they believe that it's doable rather than chase a 7-figure income that exhausts them by the mere thought of what they are about to do: selling, recruiting all the people in town, approaching people they don't know, presenting a business for hours, etc.

Let's face it: you love the income but you hate the process.

You're not alone. Almost all people who have heard about network marketing struggle with this thought in mind. But don't worry. We don't ignore this question, we answer them.

At UNO Premier, we are committed to changing the game so that you'll love the process and never worry about the outcome. So we invite you to make a fortune for yourself and your loved ones in a way that's not complicated, not stressful and not scary.

At UNO Premier, we value SIMPLICITY. This is the reason why we are passionately building everything to be simple. Because if you BELIEVE you can do it, there's no need to motivate you or inspire you why you must make a fortune and make a difference. It's been in your heart for so long. You buried them in the past in the name of making a living. Unearth them now and start making a fortune at UNO Premier.

UNO Premier is a membership-based business that has been "built from the ground up" with your success in mind. Membership gives you access to everything you need to run a successful business, including websites, resources and training (UNOVERSITY). Our systems monitor all aspects of your business, making things incredibly simple.

One of our unique creation for your financial success is what we tagged "Profitable Consumerism"

Do you know that whenever you shop in stores, the stores make profits from you?

Now, if I can show you a store that gives you an opportunity to buy, keep the profit and also earn income on any other person that comes to shop on your recommendation, you are paid a bonus commission whenever they shop? Will you be willing to learn more about this Superstore?

This Superstore does not just give you commissions; it will make you a business partner in our internationally registered business. Your will get a turnkey business portfolio.

The more people you help make income through our superstore, the more your earning potential.

The best part of our business is that we have a system.

With our system, you can earn 3.4 million Naira per month minimum and a maximum of 8.6 million Naira monthly, if you follow our simple system.


Already, we have produced about 20 millionaires in Nigeria and we are yet to do the grand launching. We will launch the company in Abuja in November 2016 wow!

Now you can earn millions $$$ in PROFIT over and over again as a pioneer by offering memberships to others, who then purchase the Business product package through you.

The best part is we have eliminated the main cause of failure, the main problem faced by 90% of the people trying to make money; that is, they simply CANNOT RECRUIT OR SELL!

With our systems, there is NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNT, SELLING OR MASS RECRUITING! Just spread the word about UNO Premier and watch YOUR income, along with your lifestyle, start to improve almost instantly!

It does not matter if you are a seasoned "pro" or just starting in the Network Marketing business industry, UNO Premier is exactly the business you have been looking for!

10 reasons You Will love this business

• We Have A simple Universal System (4x4x100)

• Only ONE Account!

• Make $$$ Profit on Every Purchase

• Simple To Understand And Do

• Automated Systems Work For You

• Comprehensive Product Package

• Powerful Ten Ways Pay Plan

• All Marketing Tools Included In Membership

• "State-of-the-Art" Admin Area

• Industry-Leading Resources

These and many more awaits you if you can only act today by doing 5 simple activities i.e

1) Become our partner with as low as 43k

2) Stop and Study our 4x4x100 system

3) Invite just 4 friends or associates.

These your friends must not like selling or networking but will like to two million naira monthly

4) Conduct weekly meetings

5) Consume 100GP monthly in our store.


There are four types of Business Packages one can avail to partner namely.

Platinum 43,920 Naira gives 150PV

Premier 131,760 Naira gives 450PV

Elite 263,520 Naira gives 900PV

Global 527,040 Naira gives 1800PV

Increase your earning potentials when you buy a bigger package. However, whichever business package you decide to start with, you have equal opportunity to earn maximally in the company. Also, you have the privilege to increase your business package in 90 days.

What you get from the Business Package registration;

One time, life time international registration
Professional Online Back Office (Real time, Online Distributors Tracking Office)
Business Tools
Videos, Training, Mobile Applications (Android/ IOS)
Life time Discount – Up to 40%
Amazing Products valued more than the package price etc.
Unique Inheritance policy
To learn more about this life changing business, contact:

Shola Ajayi ;

Wassapp: +2348029208444

or call: +2348062744260


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