by Anusiem MU

Mucha Investments Nigerian Limited, here afeter referred to as MiNL, is an indegienouse company currently involved in the fabrication & supply of special home furniture.

We source our raw materials from Asia & Europe and import them into the country. At MiNL, our sole aime isn't just on gain making rather customer satisfaction.
Since the start of operations, we've encountered numerous problems, which include inadiquate power supply, bad Road network, lack of support from the Government etc.
At MiNL, our aims are to compete, in 10(ten) years time, with the numerous furniture giants currently doing business in the country economy. To create job opportunities to the increasing number of graduates being produced by our prestigious Institutions of higher learnings. To instill into them the spirit of self belief so as to be well motivated to take up other initiatives that will as well create more jobs for the teaming youths in the Federation. Thereafter invest in other areas of our economy.


Mr Chimaobi Anusiem

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