President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday in Abeokuta pledged to create not less than two million jobs annually, if re-elected.

Jonathan, who made this promise at his campaign, said he would give increased attention to address the challenges of Nigerian youth in order to prepare them ahead for leadership roles.
He recalled that his administration established 14 additional universities, adding that more would be established if re-elected.
Jonathan emphasized his determination to continue in his bid to improve infrastructure in the tertiary institutions.
“Many of the universities are now doing open heart surgeries as well as kidney transplanting in their medical sections due to our commitment to improving education.
“I hereby urge you to re-elect PDP into power so that we can do more rather than vote a government which will be building prisons all over the country,” he said.
He pledged to empower the womenfolk to enable them effectively contribute to national development.
The president expressed the belief that women were created by God beyond the purpose of procreation.
He dismissed the call for the scraping of various offices occupied by wives of political office holders.
Jonathan explained that the funds used to run such offices were not from the government but usually sourced through partnership with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).
The president promised to improve on the achievements recorded in the agricultural transformation agenda, which had made Nigeria to be 85 per cent self sufficient in rice production.

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