price control

by Bamigbade Joshua Olufemi
(Lagos, Nigeria)

There should price regulary body to make sure that prices are uuniform all over the contry and to make the introduction or the coming back of coin work best,lest say a wrap of chewing gum or sweet shoud be 50kobo or #1 and this should be uniform throughout the contry and this coins shoud have purchasing power meaning there should be something for #1 and not two for #5.also price food which is essential commodity should be uniform, if am buying 1kg of rice for #500 in lagos then the same quantity and quality shoud go for same price any where in nigeria and same thing for other goods.

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by: Charles Peter

Dear Sir,
I am come to inform and enlighten you and your institution of the predicament of Nigerians and the hike of food rate in Nigeria.
To be sincere there had been false inflation being imposed in Nigeria and no one, no institution is saying anything and doing anything to that effect.
There had been unusual consistent increase of Goods/Food items in Nigeria Markets which had brought untold hardship, famine and tears in most homes in Nigeria. And these are foods produced within Nigeria. You might not understand how I feel about this but I want to let you know that the state of the nation is boiling and there more atomic emotional bombs awaiting explosion within our society that might result to an untold unrest that this Nation had never witnessed before.
Furthermore, you are in the right position at this point in time to regulate and properly control the Price of food items in Nigeria. As I write this letter to you, Pure water sachet which was sold for N5 is now N20…what a mess we turning our country into.
If there are no positive efforts from your office before the end of March 2017, someone else will take over your post that will resolve these stinking and malicious acts in a Better way that will bring lasting solutions to Nigerian.
Thank you for your anticipated Patriotic service to Nigerians.

Yours in service
Amb. Charles Peter

Price Control NEW
by: Josephine Ignis

Price control sounds wonderful but how can we marginalized it to help all remain in business and encourage local product sellers. For instance prices of shops and lands are very high, very expansive in big and bigger cities than in smaller cities and towns. If the prizes are uniform, how can we support those in bigger Cities that sell food item to make enough profit to be able to take care of themselves and their families. Will the government help them with the high cost of their shop or provide other incentives or grants.
Reintroduction of coin is excellent

urgent NEW
by: Anonymous

pls i want to know if their is anything like sure-p/ferma federal task force in abuja and if yes have they started work and also have they been receiving any salary?

by: Doc, Love

My fellow Nigerian i salute u 4 ur article, I go use our English wey be BROKEN, afterall Yankee get there owm, England get there own english. Mek una sii say NIGERIA no get KOBO again, infact mek i use di word COINS, so that childrean of these days will understand what i really mean, Oga, Minister 4 Money, so una de print only Naira, and no KOBO, Na inflection number 1, be dat, if na USA Or EU Land, U way be Minister 4 Money, Kia,Kia U don loose ya job bi dat, and dey go dey threaten u with jail tey, O well, u will print only naira so that it can enable u and ur agents to steal Billions at once

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