by Obinna Ebikam
(Maryland , United States )

I don't have to say, but a little introduction of my self and a request.


The persistent case of insecurity and act of hoodlums , perpetrating different kinds of inhumane act; should be put to stop . This can be achieved starting from a point of lower concentration to higher or vice versa.

I am currently living in a nation where a lot of evil things are occurring every day, but it is been controlled with policies , laws.

I personally have ideas to contribute and strategy for us to achieve a success. Wisdom come from God.

Am not asking for recognition , but for me to render my quota as a vibrant youth with ideas and solution my nation need.

Who ever reads this, who God has put in position of authority to help me utilize this ideas for the betterment of our nation. We have several talented Nigerians abroad who are actively contributing to theses foreign nations, serving in the military, Air Force , police and other law enforcement bodies.

Why can't we use the same ideas and strength to fight and protect our country Nigeria ?

Please to Mr. President, with due respect to all entire body of the government from federal level to state level; you all should try us some of the youths , try our strength , try our knowledge in some of the country issues and their will be huge success.

Am asking for an opportunity to contribute to my country, my nations government, my fathers land.

I will appreciate If am giving an opportunity, I can be reached at my email for security reasons . My phone number can be given out if the right people needs to hear my voice

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