the level of recruitment process in the nigerian milatary entirely

by lawrence adau

good day, i am a gradute who hapen not only to have a national diploma but have a vast experience in othertopics related to my field with certificate, i hapen to apply for the nigerian airforce last year and what hapened during the recruitment process was not what i expected for a country that is said to be developed, i passed screening and wrote the exaamination coming out first of my state and during the final selection interview was where i knew that is u dont no any body in nigeria you will never succed even by merit, they were to take in 24 from each state but when generals air comodore wings officer major general began to trop in before every body came and selected his or her own they had selected the 24 required what then was remainig pls i want the president to look into this issue of chossing by who u know not chosse by merit because we are qualified no wounder the nigerian military continues to have incompetent military officer n personeel pls look into it, thank you

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