What should come first? Security, academic excellence or comfort? With TTKC, you don’t have to make a choice as we offer the best of it all.
All parents want what is best for their kids, well, you don’t have to look too far because TTKC is the perfect fit. After an online tour of our school the impression is to leave no doubt in your hearts as to what you want. Our motto “every child matters” is made effective as we practice individualized learning.
Why don’t you take a breather as you click on this link https://www.youvist.com/tour/70928/89235 to take you on a tour of our premises and, oh! Don’t forget to drop your comments because your opinion matters and we would love to hear from you.
For more information call: 08050505042 or +234 9 4630110
Email: asktippy@tippytoeskidcare.com
Website: www.tippytoeskidcare.com

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