12-Yr-Old Contracts HIV In Abuja


Daily Trust reports that this was discovered after the 12-year-old girl’s health started deteriorating and her father demanded to known what was wrong. A medical test that showed she is HIV positive. The girl revealed she might have got the deadly virus from her 25-year-old half brother, Abdullahi Mohammed, and his friend who she alleged have repeatedly raped her for four years.

According to the young girl, whose name is withheld, her father was no longer with her mother when he decided to marry another woman who had a son. They all lived in a two-bedroom public apartment (face-me-I-face-you) in Jahi district. She said her half brother started raping her when she was 8 years old, and each time he raped her, he would threaten to kill her if she told their father.

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“My father married my stepmother who has a son. We were living peacefully until one night when I was lying on the floor and brother Abdullahi came and started fondling my breasts. When he didn’t see breasts, he said he would suck them until they came out. When I objected, he raped me. He used a handkerchief to wipe off the blood that was coming out from my private part. He threatened to slash my throat if I told anybody. I didn’t tell anybody and it continued. He raped me every night; and sometimes he brought his friends, especially Ahmed along with him to rape me,” she recounted.

She said she could not tell anyone because she was afraid that he
may carry out his threats. She further said that she could not talk about the unfortunate incident to anyone because of the fear that her stepmother might maltreat her.

However, when her father reported the case to the police at Mabushi, the two men were arrested, after which they confessed to the crime.

A police source told our reporter that the case took another twist when the two suspects were taken to the hospital and their medical reports came out HIV negative. It was then speculated that her mother had been HIV positive when the girl was born; the reason why she was sent away by her husband.

“She was not tested when she was an infant, and maybe she was HIV positive from birth. Her half brother confessed that he was the first man to have had sex with the victim and how she got that HIV still remains a mystery,” the police source said.

When contacted, the Mabushi divisional police officer, Chief Superintendent Ayobami Surajudeen, confirmed the story and said that having received medical reports, the case would now be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department. He advised parents to be watchful when they bring adult males to share beds with their little daughters.

Just recently, 30 women were sentenced to six weeks’ imprisonment for prostitution by the Ikeja magistrate’s court in Lagos. The women were tried for prostitution and breach of peace, and were sentenced to six weeks’ imprisonment each with an option of a 10,000 fine.

Hisbah operatives recently arrested about 23 young girls for alleged prostitution in Kano state, most of them teenagers.

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