2015 National Peace Conference Holds In Abuja

by Leadership

Ethnic nationalities in Nigeria under the auspices of Nigeria For Peace Innitiatives said they have concluded plans to host the 2015 National Peace Building Stakeholders Conference that would improve governance and ensure a sustainable peaceful coexistence amongst all Nigerians.

This was made known on Thursday by the President, Nigeria for Peace Innitiatives, Comrade Kennedy Iyere in a press conference in Abuja on modalities been put in place to ensure a successful three days National Conference, which has been scheduled to hold from 23 November to 25 November, 2015 at the International Conference Centre in Abuja.

Iyere, who stated that there is no substitute to peace in nation building, explained that the focus for the National Peace Building Stakeholders Conference is not based on regions, tribe, ethnicity or religion, but that it is based on Nigerians as a people.

“Nigeria is the only country we have to call our own, regardless of where we are from. If we have an intense crisis in Nigeria, the Ijaw man would feel the pains as much as the Hausa, Yoruba, Edo and other ethnic groups would feel it.

“Wherever you are from, that is not the issue. The issue is to be able to give a helping hand to the government in ensuring that democratic dividends are delivered to Nigeria. In doing that, we have to look at the essential factor of peace and relate that to a family,
that, when there is turbulence in a house, there are some plans that cannot be carried out by the family.

“As a Nation, the height we can attain will know no bound, if we can have that oneness where everyone will sees themselves as brothers and sisters, where there will be intermarriage without discrimination, believing that we share the same national destiny and common humanity.

“Until we have the mentality of that one Nigeria, whatever height we envisaged as a Nation can never be accessed. The idea behind the 2015 Peace Building Stakeholders Conference is to galvanise our people together and look at the way we can support the government in making economic progress, so that the government can deliver to Nigerian his promises,” he said.

According to Comrade Iyere, the conference is going to be a peace retreat, where a platform will be provided that will not be partisan and religious, but multi-ethnic, which defined the diversity of the people as Nigerians.

“In unity, we shall always stand. If we join our forces together as a people, no matter how strong the force outside is, because of the greater force inside, we can always overcome. So, we are calling on every Nigerian within and in the diaspora, to come together as a people to fashion ways we can strengthen our national integration. So that the support the government expects from us will be actualized,” he said

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