4 Bedroom Duplex and 2nos Onebedroom Flat BQ N38m

by innocent

A solid built 4 Bedroom Fully Detach Duplex, 2 living room (parlour) with 2 Nos. One-bedroom Flats BQ and a security house. The BQ (2 units onebedroom flat) is fully completed and fitted with toilet fittings, wardrobes and cabinets and ready for occupation, while the main building is near completion with works like plumbing, electrical wiring, windows/burglary, doors, borehole/overhead storage tank, fence and gate fully completed, installed, fitted and still intact. Property is to be sold at its present stage. Located within a serene estate of Lokogoma District - Abuja.

PRICE: N38m (Slightly negotiable)
CONTACT: Innocent

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