Today, NZE & LOLO LINUS OHIRI AYOKA, the Omeudo I are celebrating their enviable golden jubilee of marital vow.

May I therefore, on behalf of my family, use this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to God Almighty for the foresightedness of these unique and distinguished couples, towards the establishment and building of such a magnificent Christian family of eight erudite children. We join the hosts of heavens to salute and appreciate your humble and untiring efforts which you have being committing to peace and welfare of mankind. We thank you for the unquantifiable sacrifices and service to the church and humanity. We whole heartedly rejoice that your marital lives as professional teachers and ambassadors of education was performed with zeal and avidity, indeed, like a colossus dexterously providing Mbaise and the nations need for capacity building. Sincerely, our utmost joy in this celebration is that “you are epitomes of peace and justice, and above all, the undisputed amazon crusaders of harmonious living that is both kind and incisive to everybody”.

It is pertinent to testify here that these heroes of the year are few and are valued treasures, so hard to find in this generations marriage. Our wish therefore is “let there be showers of blessing; this is the promise of love. Let there be seasons refreshing that is sent from God above. Let there be sound of abundance of rain of good health and long life, through Jesus Christ our Lord”. Amen.


Great is our God whose love and blessing gives us abundant life.
You are the dream parents of any child; truly made in heaven for each other.

You have always been an inspiring Christian parents and role model for me.
I pray that the good Lord will always nourish your love for each other and imbibe you with his wisdom, favour, grace and good health in the coming years.

I love you
Ngozi (Adannaya) Nganwuchu

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