Oluwole Oludaisi Aina 4 Senate

Osun Central Sentorial District


Vote Oluoma, the man you can trust, the man who delivers...

What people say about him....

“He believes in and models hard work in the pursuit of any goal or vision. He talks the talk and walks the talk. He does not mince his words when he talks. If he makes a commitment (except proven otherwise), he will stand by his decision. His work ethic and commitment to excellence is exceptional. He will spare nothing to get his desired result. He dedicated long hours to work. He does not associate with or endorse anything of mediocre standard. He made it a point of duty to consistently appreciate, reward and provide basic comfort for those who worked with and for him.”

- Sam Oye (Senior Pastor, Harvesthouse International Worship Centre, Abuja)

“Daisi is an amiable man and a pleasant person to be in company of. He is generous and willing to share whatever he has with friends and the less privileged.”

- Dr. Olusegun Falope

“As a result of his unique experiences and the sharpening of his survival instincts, Oluwole developed resilience -- the ability to recover especially from stressful situations.” 

- Dr. Ademola K. Morohunfola

“In all, Chief Oludaisi Aina has been a great blessing to the community; a great gift from God Himself for our era. He enjoys and will continue to enjoy the aura of love from all those who are privileged to know him. I wish him many more years of achievements.” 

- Rev Prof Sam O. Ayodele

“High Chief Oluwole Aina has been the best thing that has happened to me all through my working career. He was one who always wielded the big stick and kept you permanently on your toes, no cutting of corners, strait jacketed.

I am a persistent kind of person. Once I have a dream, I will do all my best to achieve it. I learnt this attribute from the Boss.

Dr. Oludaisi Oluwole Aina, the Oluomo of Iresi land, is brisk, kind minded, and with no sign of infirmity.” 

- Raymond Nwagwu

“Chief Aina has a character that all potential human and community developers and good leaders should emulate. He is tolerant, compassionate, a philanthropist, a leader by example, a trustworthy and trusting personality who, however, does not like being taken for granted.” 

- Hammed Abodunrin

Above all, Olu is a sincere friend who can be trusted in every sense of the word 

- Bayo Osikoya Esq

“He is a born teacher and anybody that passes through him will definitely have one or two things to learn from him. He is a man that believes so much in hard work and integrity.

He is an advocate of unity; he always encourages people to foster unity between the different tribes, as he doesn’t believe in tribalism. He has never discriminated over tribes when it comes to the issue of employment. Once you are qualified and meet the criteria set up for the position, you will be employed, irrespective of your tribe." 

- Adeagbo Joseph Ademola

“His very friendly, amiable and respectful disposition makes one very vulnerable to his penetrating viewpoints and arguments.” 

- Dr. J.C. Okonkwo Exec.Dir. (NRCRI)

“There are some people you share your dreams with and they immediately connect with you and bolster your confidence to go on. That is Elder Daisi Aina's kind of person.

Everyone needs someone at different stages of their lives to support them, lift up their hands, and possibly lift them up to their next stage in the journey of destiny. In more ways than words can express, Brother Oluwole ‘Daisi’ Aina has been a friend, a brother, an encourager and a hand lifter to me, my ministry and the church of God.

“Elder Oluwole Daisi Aina no doubt has a lion inside of him. He is an achiever and a great man of faith. He is always ready to go and dangerously optimistic that everything will always come out right” 

- Pastor Kunle Omotosho (RCCG New York)

“I observed that he is a man who has outstanding store of good ideas, a lot of energy and drive and an exceptional zeal for handwork. He is a success-driven man who is always prepared to accept challenges.

Chief Aina, has literally become a voice for the voiceless. People rally round him and find comfort in his company.” 

- Dr. Felix O. Anuebunwa (Ag Provost, Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu, Ebonyi State, Nigeria)

“I see him live a day full of activities on sundry businesses and social matters, using a brain that is active throughout, reflecting on options and strategies, using orders, and showing moments of anger and of smile to effect solution. In the spirit of “I can do it” and “I have nothing to fear” because I am Daisi (one that was saved by God), he spends each day as if it is the last in the service to mankind.” 

- Prof. Tunde Lawuyi

“I wish to state without any equivocation that I consider meeting Oluomo as a special blessing to me and the entire members of the NRCRI Board. In our working relationship, we found him to be a man of high sense of humility and compassion, a thoroughbred businessman, astute politician and an academic, who always speaks on issues from the angle of knowledge and experience. He hates ignorance with passion; hence, he comforts himself as an all-time student and teacher as well.” 

- Alh. Ahmed S. Kaura




"Whatever a man hates is what he has been destined/created to change"

"If good people do not stand up to evil , evil will continue to perpetuate itself". Martin Luther King 
The above provides an insight into the driving force that propels me 
to succumb to the pressure of the good people of my Senatorial District to come out and contest the Senatorial Seat of Osun Central Senatorial District under the platform of the largest and most Democratic Party in Africa, the Peoples Democratic Party.

My purpose is to advance the fulfillment of Gods plan and agenda to mankind and in particular my good people of Osun Central Senatorial District of Osun State.
My Philosophy shall be that of servant leadership, driven by integrity and team work based on excellence, discipline, to attain  unity, peace and progress for my people.

To my great people of Osun Central Senatorial District, I hereby state my guiding principles in the form of this manifesto. I expect to be held accountable by these words and pledge to do my best to see to their fulfillment, within the context of the limited resources available to me in the cause of my legislative duties and to the Nigerian State.

When I am elected as a Senator of the Federal  Republic of Nigeria, representing you as your servant that is sent on a mission I will deploy my rights, my influence, my personal knowledge and experience, my political, social, religious and business connections, my international exposure, my faith, my instincts and my wisdom, to attempt to achieve the following goals, captured under a few headings below. I believe that it is better to focus on a few specific issues than try to solve all the challenges facing the Osun Central Senatorial Zone within a period of four years. In view of this strategy, I shall busy myself trying to make a difference in the key areas of Politics and Governance, Agriculture, Education, Poverty Eradication, and Youth Empowerment.

Our nation urgently needs fundamental political reform and improvement in governance to make it more transparent and accountable. If elected, I shall:
1. Support legislative action in the ongoing process to amend our Constitution with a view to devolving more powers, duties and responsibilities to states and local governments, in order to entrench Federalism and the Federal spirit;
2. Support legislative action aimed at strengthening INEC to reduce/eliminate electoral malpractices;
3. Support legislative efforts geared towards attracting the best and brightest into our politics and public service;
4. Support legislative efforts to prevent abuse of power in legislative and public offices through greater accountability, transparency, and stricter enforcement of anti-corruption laws, whilst requesting for the strengthening of the EFCC and ICPC;
5. Support legislative action aimed at the removal of immunity from prosecution for elected officers in criminal cases and to restructure government for a leaner, more efficient and adequately compensated public service;
6. Support legislative action aimed at reforming and strengthening the Justice System for efficient administration and dispensation of justice, along with the creation of special courts for accelerated hearing on cases of corruption, drug trafficking, terrorism, and similar cases of national importance.

Agriculture is the life wire of our people in Osun central senatorial district. Thus, the activities and policies of the federal government of Nigeria shall be made to reflect in the entire lives of our farmers, who shall be made to enjoy all necessary material support and equipment that have made farming a subject of pleasure in all advanced countries of the World. Already, as Chairman, Governing Board of the National Roots Crops Research Institute, Umudike, I have given evidence of my abilities in ensuring that, as at today, Iresi, (which is part of this Senatorial District) is host community of the Southwest Substation of the NRCRI.

 If action speaks louder than words, I have already announced my passion for supporting education through my role in the setting up of the Iresi College of Technology.  Besides this, my foundation, The Oludaisi Foundation, is exclusively focused on encouraging indigent students to seek higher education by providing scholarships to those among them who can satisfactorily prove their academic competence. The foundation has, since inception, been responsible for putting at least fifty students in different tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Even secondary school students have benefitted from various awards and leadership seminars, all geared towards inspiring them to focus on their education.
I believe that education is the bedrock of any society. Any society or nation that plays with her children's education plays with her future. To this end, education will be given high priority.
Furthermore, I shall make all possible efforts to influence the establishment of a Federal College of Education in the Osun Central Senatorial Districts to provide access to higher education for our youths, especially in view of the fact that the other two Senatorial Districts in the state have been given federal institutions, namely, The Obafemi Awolowo University in Osun East, and the Federal Polytechnic in Osun West. Adult literacy centres will also be established to assist adults acquire literary skills.
In the same vein, I shall support legislative action to outlaw child labour in all forms, including hawking, until age 16 and advocate for adequate funding of tertiary education.
 I shall work to ensure the establishment of at least one skill acquisition center in each federal constituency in Osun Central Senatorial Zone for the benefit of youths and women who do not have any profitable engagement. The centers will train people on specific vocations for three to six months and then assist them in setting up small scale businesses on the completion of their programmes. Utilizing international contacts and seeking the support of relevant NGOs, it will be possible to mobilize funds for this purpose. I will also use my position to fix a reasonable number of unemployed graduates of the district in federal establishments.

Our royal fathers are the pillars of our traditions and customs. They are also in charge of the daily administration of our different towns and communities. Thus, their rights, entitlements, and privileges shall be secured for them from all levels of government. Conscious efforts shall be made to ensure that their standard of living is enhanced.
My good people of Osun Central, I assure you that all this aforementioned will be rigorously pursued -- with your support -- if am elected as the senator representing Osun Central Senatorial District of Osun State in the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.
So help me God.

VOTE OLUOMO FOR SENATE -       Osun Central Sentorial District


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