SEED Foundation

SEED Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes entrepreneurship by empowering the people with a unique blend of digital and entrepreneurial skills.  This is in recognition of the fact that entrepreneurship is the strategic way to address growing unemployment and that digital technology has become a major driver of economic growth in today’s world. Read more ...


A digitally enabled and economically empowered nation.


  1. To provide sustainable solution to youth unemployment.
  2. To help budding entrepreneurs grow and provide jobs for the unemployed.
  3. To mentor and coach young people on career and business.
  4. To boost productivity and profitability of small business through use of technology.
  5. To help budding entrepreneurs with improved access to capital and new market.
  6. To encourage a unique blend of technological and entrepreneurial skills
  7. To promote godly, ethical and international best practices in small businesses.


Abuja Business Forum

The challenges you face in starting/running your business today have been overcome by someone else in time past; when you share them here you get the right tips to overcoming them.

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