a shift of administration from town to villages in abuja

by shekwogami amigbe Barde
( fct, Nigeria)

I wish to sincerely thank the federal government for her effort in the federal capital territory abuja. And to also use this opportunity to call her attentions of shift from town to rural areas. I personal, I was born and brought up in the fct_abuja, bwari area council. Going through the lists of ministers we have had since the inception of fct in abuja, Bello Muhammad happens to be the 16 ministers and nothing to show. With due respect Sir, I must sincerely Thank the 2003_2007 minister in person of MR. Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai who gave more attentions to the rural development in Abuja, though it causes some pains n Trauma to some people especially the demolition Saga, but I must sincerely thank him. And to our Newly appointed Minister, please I Beg you to fine time to go out to some of this villages to see to yourself, Because 78% of our villages have no Roads, no water, Electricity in fact all the Basic social Amenities. To be specific, my village have none of this social amenities at all. I know that this fresh air of change will also affect us positively sir. Thank you

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