Abuja Aquariums

by Okey Alum

Abuja Aquariums is unique. Its the first of its kind - Not a public aquarium under a building but a network of privately owned, professionally installed and passionately maintained aquariums in homes, offices, banks, schools, hospitals, parks and diverse business premises under the management of Nature Nurture Nigeria. All the individual aquariums in the network form parts of one aquarium - the Abuja Aquariums.Nature Nurture's team of experts manage and maintain these network of more than 500 aquariums with some as big as 3,000 litres of water. The multidisciplinary team with many years hands-on experience in both marine and freshwater fish are at hand 24hrs attending to the needs of the aquariums, making sure the tanks and their occupants are great looking. They are in the forefront of the aquarium industry in Nigeria and build some of the most sophisticated aquariums in the country. The aquariums in the Network are home to over 300 fish species including stingrays. The team aims to rejuvenate the aquarium industry by encouraging fish keeping as pet and providing quality support to the industry. They build aquariums, water gardens, for pet fish and breed a wide variety of ornamental fishes to meet the needs of the passionate fish keeper. Next time you see a beautiful aquarium somewhere in the city of Abuja, look closely,its likely to belong to the network of Abuja aquariums. Visit to enjoy the beauty of the city of Abuja under water or join on facebook or follow www.tweeter/abujaaquariums

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Nov 11, 2013
by: cool

Keep it up!

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