Abuja BBQ Carnival 2015

by lori tosan

abj bbq 2015

abj bbq 2015

Abuja barbecue carnival 2015

The Abuja bbq carnival is a one day exhibition of exquisite grill spots, eateries etc within the FCT scheduled to hold at Tobix gardens opposite Alibert furniture beside Next cash and carry superstores on the 4th of July 2015. It is a carnival of standard which is designed and planned to be an essential platform for sales of grills, edibles and exclusive drinks.

More about the Carnival
· The ABC event is designed to stimulate the sense with contemporary grill spots, eateries, etc displaying their creative meals, innovative menus and availability for sale in Abuja.
· The ABC will capture the essence of grilling, roasting or frying edibles and show offs of all kind of mouth watering dishes / grills.
· It’s a major shift from the regular outdoor event in Abuja.

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