Abuja Disco to Reduce Collection Losses with Integrated Payment System

by ThisDay

The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) Plc has announced the collapse of its former five fragmented vending platforms into one consolidated payment system, saying it had to streamline the vending system to encourage efficient vending of prepaid electricity recharge token by its customers across its franchise distribution areas.

AEDC’s Executive Director of Commercial Services, Ernest Mupwaya recently told members of the Senate Committee set up to investigate past governments' expenditures in Nigeria's power sector from 1999 to 2015 that the company decided to consolidate the five independent vending platforms into a modern and efficient one to guarantee speedy service delivery to its customers.

Mupwaya explained that the company also targets to remarkably reduce its collection losses with the deployment of the integrated vending system.

According to him, with the consolidation, all registered and eligible customers on AEDC's network can purchase their electricity units at any of the company's area offices or service centres irrespective of their location.

He listed the benefits of integrating the vending systems into a single one for the company’s customers to include: a variety of options for the customers to choose from for the purchase of tokens for their electricity, thus allowing them to now buy electricity units at periods and points
that are convenient for them using payment channels.

According to him, such payment channels include: inter-switch, credit card, automated teller machines (ATMs), Point of Sales (POS) at supermarkets and filling stations, as well as mobile money (electronic wallets on cell phones).

He said the new payment options had lifted the burden off the shoulders of customers in terms of waiting in long queues to purchase electricity units, amongst other inconveniences they were hitherto subjected to.

Mupwaya noted that the benefits of the consolidation will include improvement in revenue collection and reduction in the commercial losses suffered by the company, improvement in commercial efficiency by way of processing payments and providing a more secured way of sales and cash collection.

He further explained that AEDC has collaborated with three electronic vending firms: e-Tranzact International Plc, Kallak Power Limited and Pagatech Limited, as vendors to facilitate electricity sales and revenue collection through the various electronic power purchase options.

Before the takeover of AEDC from the government, the company was operating five independent vending platforms which compelled customers to buy their electricity tokens only at vending platforms designated for their areas of coverage, thereby forcing many customers to travel long distances and wait in long queues to buy electricity units.

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