Abuja Land Swap Pilot-Project - Dallas Carraway

by 05/09/2013
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The FCT Minister, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed has assured Nigerians that the Transformation Agenda has set off the march towards a comprehensive development of the Federal Capital Territory; stressing "we are very optimistic that by the year 2020, FCT will certainly rank among the league of the 20 leading cities in the world".

The Minister described the Ground Breaking ceremony of the Land Swap Pilot project, Dallas Carraway District as a fulfillment of our dream for a new model of city development that takes cognizance of the need for a unique partnership between government and the private sector; adding the event therefore lays the foundation for the effective and pragmatic development of the Federal Capital City in line with the aspirations of the FCT's founding fathers.

Senator Mohammed remarked that the process that led to this event has enriched both parties, particularly the Federal Capital Development Authority and the Abuja Infrastructure Investment Centre to be able to deploy the model in other identified greenfield districts within the Federal Capital City.

The Minister emphasized that Land Swap Model which is premised on the philosophy of FCT land be utilized as resource for infrastructure development was adopted in response to the expectations of the Administration under the Transformation Agenda of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

"It was designed to forestall a repeat of the mistakes of the past where land was allocated to private developers without adequate consideration for the provision of infrastructure," he added.

Senator Mohammed noted that the Land Swap is poised to unlock dead capital by freeing up land with issuance of title documents to catalyze investment; crash the real property rental value in Abuja; bring about a paradigm shift from 'land ownership to house ownership' and encourage development of big time real property developers.

The Minister further assured that interest of the communities will be adequately taken care of as his administration has put in place a framework to avoid the mistakes of the past in the implementation of resettlement and compensation policy.

He said that any resettlement and compensation policy, whether integration, resettlement or hybrid of the
two, will only be arrived at and endorsed after detailed discussions with all relevant stakeholders including the communities, the investors and FCTA Agencies.

Speaking earlier, the Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority, Engineer Adamu Ismaila stated that the Land Swap model is the first of its kind in FCT and that the authorities took great care and caution in the conceptualization of the project, selection of the investor and negotiation of the transaction.

Engineer Ismaila disclosed that Dallas Carraway is a 220-hectare district with 413 plots comprising of 332 residential; 50 diplomatic, 3 commercial and 15 others.

He revealed that the scope of work to be undertaken by the investor include constriction of 16.4 km of roads of various sizes; provision of 16.4 of storm water drains; provision of 21.2km of foul water drains; provision of 22.3km of water distribution lines and provision of 19.9km of street lighting lines.

The Executive Secretary also disclosed that the scope include provision of 27.6km of electric power distribution lines, provision of 14.5km of telecommunication ducts and construction of three mini sewage treatment plants totaling N26,217,860,549.57 being the entire cost and 15 percent return on investment.

In another development, the FCT Administration has given three months notice to all agencies and groups that have housing development plots to either develop them or have them revoked.

The FCT Minister, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed gave this warning the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Dallas Carraway District. The Minister reiterated that the FCT Administration will take stern measures at the expiration of the three month notice.

His words "I wish to announce that we are giving a three-months, notice to all Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Cooperative Societies that have been allocated land by this or previous administration for housing development for their staff or members to commence development of such plots of land or risk revocation".

According to him, "For the avoidance of doubt, we shall take appropriate stern measures at the expiration of the three-month notice. We shall no longer accept any form of excuses for non-commencement of development on such lands".

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