Abuja Residents Charge News Casters To Dress In Traditional Attires

by Leadership

Some FCT residents have called on broadcast media organisations to strengthen the nation’s cultural heritage by ensuring that their news casters dress in traditional attires when casting news or anchoring programmes.

The residents, who made the call while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday, criticised the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) staff for wearing English wears when casting news.
Mr John Emmanuel, a staff of Cool FM, Abuja said: “the media is one of the Nigeria’s windows to the world through which outsiders could get to know more about the country’s culture.

He said that the media, particularly the television stations owed Nigeria that huge responsibility to strengthen its culture across the globe through the wearing of traditional attires.
He said that news caster should be made to wear traditional dresses whenever they were reading the news or when anchoring a programme for international consumption.

“For instance, I love the NTA newscaster, Cyril Stober whenever he dresses in “Agbada” to cast news and which proudly portrays where he is coming from in the country.
“If I am seen in “Agbada”, “Iro and Buba” or “Kaftan” clothing, definitely I will not go through the stress of explaining where am coming from.
“Even the whites in western world appreciate our cultural attires very well. Some go as far as even coming to Nigeria to get some of these attires,“ he said.
Making reference to the CNN and the BBC, he said that “they wear corporate or suits because that is their way of dressing which has also encouraged other parts of the world to follow suit.’’

“Today, we have the Spanish suit, French suit, among others, which we also wear by a way of
“I will not buy the idea of Nigerian broadcast station banning cultural wears but also, there should be a limit to what and how they dress and appear on the screen or set.

“There is no way we can throw away our own culture in the name of conforming to international standard.
“ We also have to portray our own culture, so I advise there should be mixture of both,“ Emmanuel said.
Mrs Virginia Ojile, an unemployed graduate said she did not agree with the idea of telling newscasters not to wear the country’s traditional wears while casting news.

She said that the broadcast media should be the best medium to portray the country’s cultural wears to the world.
Mr Cosmos Igwe, a civil servant, who had a neutral opinion, said that dress code among media organisations should be a thing of choice.
“The most important thing is for whoever is involved, a presenter, newscaster or programme officer is to dress decently.’’

Mr Joseph Etuk, an Executive Director of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) said that the new corporate dress code adopted by NTA news casters was to encourage international conformity.
Making reference to other international channels like CNN, BBC among others, Etuk said: “NTA does not deal only on national issues but also international, that is why we are trying to standardise.’’

He said that it was not applicable to other units in the organisation, except those in the news casting department.
“We still wear cultural dresses. When a cultural programme is being presented, of course the presenter is required to dress to suit the occasion or event.

“So the issue of promoting our cultural attires solely depends on the programme that we are airing. (NAN)

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