Abuja summit to address problems youth face

by news24nigeria

Abuja - Youth leaders across the country will converge in Abuja on Tuesday for the Next Generation Nigeria Summit.

The event, is set for the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre, aims to address critical challenges faced by youth.

It comes on the backdrop of youth making nearly half of the country’s population of 173,6 million.

“Effectively addressing the critical challenges of this cluster has been a daunting task for successive administrations,” organizers said ahead of the event.

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It was noted that after a rebased economy, Nigeria became 26th largest economy in the world and the largest in Africa.

“However, significant amount of its youth are noticeably trapped in social, political and economic exclusion. This is evident in the increased lack of jobs; low health and education standard; social exclusion of young girls and women from economic activities particularly in disadvantaged regions, the list is endless,” organizers said.

“By implication, these challenges portend a high socio-economic cost to the government and persistently threaten the country’s future economic prospects.”

The event in Abuja on Tuesday would thus explore pledges of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to address challenges faced by youth.

It will be held under the theme, “Developing a Youth-driven Economic Roadmap for Nigeria.

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