Abuja Technology Village

by Jude

Abuja Technology Village is a Science and Technology Park (STP) and Special Economic Zone (SEZ) development initiative conceptualized as a balanced lifestyle environment for technology businesses to operate with competitive advantage.

The STP/SEZ is therefore poised to become Africa’s preferred technology research, incubation, development, and outsourcing destination encompassing four (4) focus areas of biotechnology, information and communications technology, energy technology and minerals technology, providing one-stop response to the challenges of doing business in Nigeria with superior infrastructure, facilities and value adding services backed by transparent institutional processes.

It is strategically located adjacent to Nelson Mandela Institution’s new African University of Science and Technology (AUST) and close to other Science and Technology Institutions that together create a huge economic cluster along a prospective superhighway connecting the Abuja City Centre and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, the initiative embodies unique opportunity to develop a strong knowledge base that will contribute to reducing Nigeria’s economic dependence on hydrocarbon resources while directly addressing consistent components in Government’s development agenda of job creation and wealth generation.

Abuja Technology Village is a government-sponsored enterprise with a mission to deliver efficient and competitive platforms for technology incubation, innovation and commercialization in selected sectors.

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