Adonis & Abbey Publishers Limited

by Jideofor Adibe, PhD, LLM

Adonis & Abbey Publishers Ltd, a niche publisher of non-fiction books and academic journals was incorporated in the United Kingdom in March 2003 and has published well over 160 books since then. In 2004, the company also began publishing peer-reviewed academic journals. There were two main motivating objectives for this – to address the problem of the high mortality rate of academic journals published by Africans and to let African scholars set and own their research agenda rather than constantly anticipating the needs of the foreign donor agencies that normally fund the publication of their journals.

We are happy that since we began journal publishing in 2004, none of our journals has gone under or has been unduly delayed from publication. Starting with African Renaissance in 2004, today we publish journals that have achieved international renown and are variously indexed by SABINET, JSTOR, EBSCO, ABDC, ProQuest and J-Gate. Eight of the journals are accredited by IBSS while four were recently accredited by SCOPUS. It is a sad commentary that with only twelve (12) academic journals, we are probably the largest African publisher of peer-reviewed, indexed and accredited journals.

Adonis & Abbey Publishers is a Member of the Independent Publishers Guild (IPG) of the United Kingdom and a voting member of crosssref (10.31920).

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