Alheri Pathway Academy


Our Goal: to provide high quality education by creating a safe, healthy and caring environment that promotes social, emotional and cognitive development of the child, as well as responding to the needs of your family.

Motto: Fostering independent minds, every child is an individual...


To meet the individual needs of each child, the emphasis being placed on learning rather than teaching. 

Children are taught to take responsibility for their own learning and are trained with the skills necessary to take initiative and achieve their potential.

Biblical Worldview :Biblical principles and concepts are interwoven into all aspects of the curriculum.

Christian Character:  character traits of Jesus are learnt and are embedded throughout​ the PACE material which  presents role modelling that promotes Biblical integrity and Christ-like character.


Give your children a head start with Accelerated Christian Education
The academically excellent, individualised Accelerated Christian Education programme has been used by thousands of schools and educators all over the world for more than forty years.

This curriculum is Biblically based, and goes from Preschool through to university entrance. It is supplied within Europe by Christian Education Europe Ltd. 

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