ASP Solar Technologies, LLC.

by David Mantez

ASP Solar Technologies, LLC. is pioneering a wide variety of renewable energy solutions™, a unique combination of wireless, high-performance solar electronic products and gadgets that are designed with the latest cutting edge technology to provide tremendous power and light output, security and enjoyable experience to people and organizations globally.

ASP Solar Technologies is continuously a growing company both domestically and internationally, making the company one of the leading alternative energy solutions provider in North and South America including the Caribbean and Africa. The organization has completed 208 projects, appointed 128 affiliates and won 8 awards since 2008. Our goal is to bring cost-effective, reliable alternative energy products to everyone who needed them. With two major business units, ASP Solar Technologies is providing a variety of high-performance wireless solar products for both residential and commercial application globally. The two business units produce:

Portable Solar Electronic Gadgets for the Residential Market
This division produce and market to consumers the following products around the world:
Multi-Function Solar Car Jump Starters that jump starts vehicles when your vehicle battery can't start your vehicle. It powers Laptops, Smart Phones, iPads, MP3/MP4, Cameras, and Wireless Solar Security/Surveillance System.

High-Capacity Solar Electronic Products for the Commercial Market
This division produce, market, install and service the following products to commercial customers around the world:
High-Performance Renewable Energy (RE) Solar Panel System including sales, installation and maintenance.
Wireless Solar Traffic Signal Light
Wireless Street Light
Wireless Solar Parking Lot Light
Wireless Solar Security/Surveillance System
Wireless Solar Bus Shelters for the Transit Industry.

The organization has a well developed sales affiliate program for entrepreneurs in Latin-America-Caribbean Countries, Africa/Middle-East, Europe, Canada and South America. To join their sales affiliate program, click on "Get in Touch" below to begin the registration process.

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