by Lucas Dare Ogunwole
(Lagos. Nigeria.)

The country NIGERIA need thorough over hauling because of what MAFIA inflicted on masses citizen of NIGERIA since inception of independent 1960.

Most leaders both past & current with rich men travel abroad see how infastructural amenities & nation ecenomy is being maintained for both poor & rich.
But in our case NIGERIA. Is where you will see only one PRESIDENT OR GOVERNOR. HOUSE MEMBER. MINISTER. till local goverment chairmen will have money more than a whole nation.
All over the world have companies & investment looting nation treasury to enrich themselves.
Only one person but many MAFIA hang under him hold our intermodal system of transport in NIGERIA TO RANSOME for so many decades now.
MARITIME is zero even all our NIGERIAN NATIONAL SHIPPING LINE VESSEL sold out by MAFIA while some nonsense Egineers only good in book but pratical zero in Nigeria sink some of them.
Pls can you help us sign our pension documents & some allowances we need to collect from your organisation since 2006. we are not begging for money but is what we due & worked for with nigerian ports authority as a staff.
We all know how former chairman only from2001 to 2003 looted npa purse money of 85 BILLION just token out of what the organisation retrived from him is enough to relief us from hunger.
While 5000 naira new notes.the bigger denomination the currency the less value of the money.The
looters .thieves in the country will be be syphoning our nation money again.
There must be transparency & accountability in governance if any nation want to erradicate how many barrel of oil per day went for refenering abroad with tankers of fuel when coming back to the country & how does it share in the country must be published for the nation with clean records.
All these rich men & mafia with a lot of companies in our country must pay correct taxs to the nation purse not with thieves workers when bribing them errasing the money for them.
What are we saying if others countries in Africa continent can be taking care of their citizen with all these grants.please what stop NIGERIA not to emulate them & will call ourself giant of Africa.
We need GOD fearing in any post in NIGERIA.So that wisdom of ALLAH may be accuired.forger about race or region. NORTH. SOUTH. WEST.EAST togetherness we are one in GOD form.
Countries without sound education & not putting children into cosideration always loose focus.can someone tell me that only one politician looted money in our country cannot solve the problem of government universities strike?
The future of tommorrow is what we are toil with because as you lay your bed you lie on it.these can caurse havoc or temptation on student to engage in evil deed once they deny or not resume for lectures.


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most people that invest in them lose their money