Golden Jubilee Of
Nze & Lolo Linus Ohiri Ayoka


Fifty years ago the search of a promising young man found the right match, the heart yearning of a beautiful young lady was fulfilled. A union conceived in heaven was materialized on earth. The dreams of two soul mates came to life as Linus and Magadalene were joined in Holy Matrimony.

Nze Linus Ohiri Ayoka was born to the family of Mr and Mrs Ayokauwa Chikere of Oboama Nguru  Mbaise. He had his primary education at St. Charles Primary School Nguru Centre from 1938 to 1946. He also attended St Augustine’s Teacher Training College Urua Enyang from 1955 to 1957 and St Mary’s College Edene Abak from 1959-1960. He qualified as a grade 2 teacher. He had a successful teaching career and tutored many illustrious men and women amongst whom is late Bishop Chikwe of Ahiara Dioceses with whom he maintained a very warm and cordial relationship. He headed more than ten schools with exceptional performances and retired meritoriously in 1987 as a headmaster special class.

Ezinne Magdalene Chinyere Ayoka was born to the family of late Mr and Mrs Isidore Ahaotu of Eziala Ogwu Nguru Mbaise. She had her primary education at Holy Rosary School Ogbor Nguru Mbaise and later went to Regina Caeli College Ogbor Nguru from where she got both her teachers grade 2 and 3 certificates. She had a very fruitful and successful teaching career and retired meritoriously as a headmistress in 1991.

Their life together as Husband and wife can best be described as divinely ordained and inspired. Dad told us that as a young man he used to say that he will marry a girl who bears the name Magdalene. Mum also said that from childhood her heart desire was to marry a teacher – I can tell you that teaching was one of if not the most respected professions in those days. Their individual prayers were answered on 24th of November 1963 when they got married and were wedded in the Catholic Church.


As a couple they love each other dearly, and have remained faithful and devoted to each other. They are such a unique couple who respect each other so much that we have never seen or heard them quarrel or disagree on any issue. There has not been any case of infidelity, mistrust or suspicion in their relationship as is seen in most homes and relationships. They are so committed to their religious and spiritual activities. Right from  Sacred Heart parish Nguru to St Joseph Parish Ogbor Nguru to their present Parish, Holy Ghost Parish Oboama, they have both been very active and devout members of the church and have  served in various capacities in the Christian Women Organisation, Christian Men Organisation, Church councils, Building committee etc.


Also at various times they have headed or were members of different committees where they pioneered as well as executed projects that were instrumental to the growth of both the Catholic Church and our community. Together they have assisted each other to live, grow, and remain in the faith. They have always promoted and advocated for the sanctity and sacredness of the marriage institution which they have enjoyed.


Their marriage is blessed with 8 children who to Gods glory are all alive today. These are Ngozi Jane-Frances, Angela Anaele, Gertrude Kechi, Okechukwu Anthony, Uchenna Victor, Immaculata Ukachi, Chib Jude and Thecla.  The family has grown by 4 sons-in-law:  Mr Livingstone Nganwuchu, Barr. Peter Anyanwu, Dr Chris Okolo, Barr. Cosmas Okpara; 3 Daughters in-law: Joy, Chimeodo, Uche and 15 grandchildren.


The very wonderful thing about this couple is that with very limited resources, they were able to train these eight children from primary through tertiary education, thereby being a source of inspiration and encouragement to many other couples and families. Their watch word and strength lies in Love peace, unity and hard work.


It is with this same sense of love, unity and oneness of purpose, dedication to family, service to humanity, devotion and gratitude to God, that has enabled them to build a unique life and family in these past 50 years. We the children celebrate this wonderful couple, telling them over and over again that we love them and that we cherish them . We are therefore conferring on them today the award of “the best parents of the millennium”. We are also thanking all of you our most esteemed guests, friends and relatives for making out time to be with us in this august celebration and above all we appreciate God almighty for giving us the privilege of having them as our parents.


Join us family and friends therefore as we propose 50 GOLDEN CHEERS TO THE BEST PARENTS AND COUPLE OF THE MILLENNIUM … Nze & Lolo (Ezinne) Linus Ayoka… Omeudo 1 of Nguru Nwenkwo.

We give God all the praise.

Tony Okey Ayoka

For the Family


·         Ezinne Chinyere Ayoka

How do you feel about your Golden Jubilee?

In fact I am very very happy and grateful to our God. God has really been good to us.

Your marriage has been described by many as a model, what has been your secret?

We have been very committed to each other, in fact our wedding ring is still with us; the wedding ring with our initials.

We don’t disagree over anything and we don’t have any issues on money and above all we have depended on God.

What is your advice for younger couples?

Couples should have trust in themselves and they should be patient with each other.  Couples need to look up to God. They should be happy with their partners; marriage is a very good thing.

What can you say about your Husband these 50 years?

My darling husband is a model husband; I have been enjoying living with him, it is such that we find it difficult to stay away from each other.

What is your happiest moment?

There have been many happy moments,  I can’t say which one is the happiest but I remember when we had our first baby which is exactly one year after our wedding on the 24th of November  1964. It was a very happy moment for us.

What do you have to say to your family ?

They should love one another and have unity amongst themselves.

My prayer for them is that God will bless them and keep them and give them good and wonderful children who will take care for them as they have been taking care of us.

·         Nze Ohiri Ayoka (Omeudo 1)

How do you feel about your Golden Jubilee?

I feel very happy. We have been together and it has been a great experience.  I thank God who has been with us.

Your marriage has been described by many as a model, what has been your secret?

We live in harmony and respect for each other;  we don’t disagree over anything.  Money has not been an issue. We have maintained a joint account even before the civil war and managed our finances jointly.

What is your advice for  younger couples?

They should have trust for one another. There should be no suspicion because suspicion in any marriage is always very disastrous. Marriage is made up of two people who are different in many ways so they need to have understanding to live happily together.

What can you say about your wife these 50 years?

A book cannot contain all I have to say about her; To put it in few words,  my wife is very loving and understanding. She is a very good wife.

What is your happiest moment?

They are many.  One of them was when we had our first child on our first anniversary, It came about 10.00am which is about the same time we wedded exact one year after our wedding.

What do you have to say to your family ?

They should have love amongst them and live in unity. They should have an accommodating spirit. They should have strong faith in God and live in obedience to God’s Words.

I pray that God will give them peace, make their lives prosperous, give them happy homes and make them to know Him.

Congratulations Nze & Lolo Linus Ayoka

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