Brains and Hammers. Detached Duplex and Terrace - Apo and Life camp FCT Abuja

by Babs

Brains and Hammers

Brains and Hammers

Brains and Hammers

Apo site -

5 Bedroom duplex with Boy's Quarters - 70Million cash and 75Million installmental

4 (corner) and 5 (centre) bedroom Terrace - 50Million cash and 55Million installmental

7 bedroom Basement - 95M (tenant already living)

Life Camp-
5 bedroom with Boys Quarters - 70Million

4 bedroom terrace - 50Million and 55Million installmental

3 bedroom (9Block of flats) - 22,150,000

2 bedroom (12 Block of flats) - 18,350,000


The Price is subject †Φ change as time goes by

Call babs on 08065263776, 08082683456

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