Building a self power mega generation plant developed by a Nigerian

by Biteboye osagie davies

pictures of my research on self charging generator

pictures of my research on self charging generator


I am humbly asking to be giving the opportunity to be of service to Nigeria in this our hour of need, I am sure my self- power mega generation plant design will help improve the erratic electricity supply which has become a continuous head ache to your administration and has affected Nigeria economy negatively making Nigeria a mocking stock in the face of the international community, sir in spite of the billions of naira and dollars spent by previous Nigerian government to resolve the lingering epileptic power supply in Nigeria it yield no fruit. Sir what u need is power plants that can be build in a short space of time within this remaining three years to provide megawatts of electrical energy in a short time that will operate without using gas as a means to power its generation unit (noting the current gas supply issue in Nigeria).
Nigeria economy is on a gradual decline and Nigeria has lost her place as one of the fastest developing and growing economy in Africa apart from that, we are experiencing the following in Nigeria
1) HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT = existing companies and industries are either shutting down or downing sizing their work force because of the high cost of operation which is making it difficult for them to break even.
2) SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE BUSINESS=are finding increasingly difficult to stay in business because they have to cope with running their own power generators and running their business at the same time
3) INCREASE IN PRICE OF GOODS AND SERVICES = the people are made to pay higher price for goods and service because of the cost of production of those product, this hardship is felt more by the poor masses of Nigeria.
Sir, Nigerians are hoping for a change in the state of the country and they believe that this new regime will give birth to a era of good electrical energy supply as one of the benefit, but the ministry of power is still using the same old method and system used by the previous government that did not give any meaningful result, I am asking for an unconventional approach ,a different method that will cut off the use of gas as a means of powering our power plant along with all the problems associated with the use of gas (pipeline vandalism, oil and gas workers strike, low gas supply and gas price issue) I am saying that we should build power plant that will not use gas and stop the building of gas operated power plant.
Sir the promise made by Mr. President to generate ten thousand mega watts by the year 2019 can be achieved, if alternative method that can generate in megawatts is put to use, if opportunities for other unknown energy generation method are allowed to be developed in Nigeria.
Nigeria has a population of over 170 million and need over 20 thousand mega watts and by the year 2019 the population would have increase to close to 180 million or more in three years time, also electrical energy demand would have increase to ten times the current demand, Industries and business that will have either close or moved to other countries would have increase making Nigeria economy drop further down the scale of development and increase the inflation rate in the country.
Nigeria families are hard press now and will be even hard press by the year 2019; the inflation rate in Nigeria is on the increase and will only climb higher, solving Nigeria energy generation and supply which is one of the many major head
ache in Nigeria means making life better for the people and improving the economy, this will open doors for investors to return back to the country and build confident in the international community that Nigeria can indeed solve her own problems this was the same steps taken by China and today they are one of the strongest economy in the world today .
I humbly urge your Excellency to please allow me be a giving an audience to explain how my self –power mega generation plant can help bring a lasting solution to this lingering electrical power supply crisis to an end in Nigeria, I can help improve the improve power supply in Nigeria and thereby improving the people attitude towards the APC administration, the effect of the lack of electricity is felt more by the poor and the average masses of Nigeria making them loose faith and trust in the APC administration but that can be changed and we can make a better Nigeria for the generation coming behind us if we start now.
Your Excellency, I am introducing the DABSARIN 10 a self power mega generation plant design with the ability to power its own generation process without the use of fuel or gas, it is able to operate nonstop while functioning as a base load generation plant and still supply electrical energy in mega watts,
The salient points of DABSARIN 10 include the following,
1) Drastic reduction in the cost of power generation operation.
2) Reduce cost of maintenance of the power plant and its faculties ‘
3) Reduce electrical energy tariff as electricity can be generated without the use of gas or fuel.
4) Generate cheap and clean electrical energy as combustion is not needed because there is no use of gas in the generation process.
5) Increase profit from the generation process as the funds used in buying gas is saved since there is no need for gas in the generation process.
6) Bring in investors to the energy sector, this new method will bring in more profit and save cost in generation of energy and this factor will interest investors and bring in investment to the power sector.
7) Zero pollution emission, the fact that gas is not used in the energy generation process this will produce a clean environmentally friendly green energy making Nigeria reduce her green gas effect on her climate.
8) Generate from twenty to over ten thousand green stable energy in mega watts, it ability to generate massive green electrical energy make it far better than any green alternative energy in the world today.
9) Generating massive energy while using a little land space, a factor that makes it to be building almost any location in Nigeria.
DABSARIN 10 design is based on the current technology available in the world today which makes it possible for the following theories to be made,
1) ENERGY LOOPING THEORY = energy can be made to flow nonstop in a never ending circular circuit as long as energy imbalance and demand is maintain within the circuit
2) INITIAL ENERGY SUSTAINING SYSTEM= were the external initial energy that is used to start the power system is sustain after the initial external energy has been cut off.
Your Excellency, I once again humbly ask to allow me be a guest on your focus Nigeria talk show because I believe Nigeria economy will improve when the issue of electrical energy generation is address; this I believe is one key element that will help bounce Nigeria on the path of social economy growth and development.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully.

Biteboye Osagie Davies
08093776789, 08083039538
TWITTER= @biteboye_d

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