by NMA Fredrick

BuyDeSale is an online market place that caters for your everyday needs, ranging from beverages, electronics, household appliances, fashion, building materials, cars, office equipment, etc.

The world is a global village they say, these days you could be at the comfort of your home with your laptops and internet connection and order for virtually everything you need.
This has drastically reduced the number of people who visits local markets, shops, malls, plazas and boutiques for their daily needs. Because of the convenience that online stores offers, people tend to relax at the comfort of their homes or offices to order what they want and gets such to be delivered to them at their door step.
Hence any business that does not have an online presence will be left behind. So many businesses abound in Nigeria with a very low patronage due to the fact that people doesn’t know that such businesses exist. Your business might have a website but without the right digital marketing plan, nobody gets to visit your site.
Register with us today on BuyDeSale and give your Business a new lift.
What BuyDeSale is offering?
1. Free Registration.
2. Your business presence on our online market place with pictures of your products and services well displayed.
3. Display of the link to the client’s website (if there is any) and other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
4. Comprehensive digital marketing of products and services that will showcases you to the world.
5. Customer relations services.
Categories of Memberships
1. Basic Membership: Free registration and free display of products and services
2. Advance Membership: Gets free registration, free display of products and services on the site, connects your company website to the BuyDeSale platform, gets digital marketing of your products and services on two (2) of social media networks and mention of the name of your business/company on our radio program. The cost is N65, 000 (sixty five thousand naira only).
3. Pro Membership: Free Registration, free display of your products and services, connecting your company’s website to BuyDeSale platform, digital marketing of all your products and services on five (5) social media platform and mention of the name of your business/company on our Radio and television programs. The registration fee is N100, 000 (Hundred thousand naira only).
For more inquires please contact us on 07051493652

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most people that invest in them lose their money