canton hill academy

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Canton Hill Academy

Canton Hill Academy

‘THE PRIMAS’-First among Equals

The MISSION of Canton Hill Academy is to serve its community by providing an internationalised education of the highest quality within the context and understanding the shared values: R-responsibility, E-empathy, S-safety, P-pride, E-excellence, C-consideration and T-truth. The school promotes an understanding of the meaning and significance of these values through the experience it offers its pupils and the school motto: PRIMAS which means Outstanding. Our VISION is to be one of the top leading education providers in the country, breeding confident, ethical and well-rounded successful individuals who will become responsible and resourceful citizens wherever they find themselves.

Children from 4 months to 11 years old play and learn in spacious, brightly decorated rooms, with colorful wall displays of the children’s work and photos of their activities. We also display activity planners, curriculum information and menus to keep parents fully informed about their child’s experience at Canton Hill Academy.

Children learn more in the first five (5) years of their lives than at any other time – and they do this simply by playing. Our primary aim is to work in partnership with parents to develop happy, confident children who are interested in everything they see and hear thus contributing to enquiring minds.

Our baby room focus on a sensory approach as the sense of touch is key in the early stages of development. Babies explore materials, objects and educational toys while closely supervised by our staff. They play with paint, sand and water and enjoy discovering, grasping, rolling and looking at interesting objects. At this stage in their lives children spend much time on or near the floor.

Equipment and display are placed at this level so that they can see, touch, feel and investigate t heir environment close up.

Ceilings are covered with hanging, eye-catching objects as children also spend time on their backs looking up. Appropriate books are available for babies to look through with staff, providing early speaking and listening opportunities. Listening to sounds, music and rhymes encourages speech and language development.

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