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Secure your Car with Tracking device

CALL ADEYI OLUSOLA EMMANUEL ON 08033053964 OR +2348033053964

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Jul 21, 2018
The way out for Nigeria and Nigerians NEW
by: Chucks Ugbor

The way out for Nigeria and Nigerians

The Genesis of Present Problems in Nigeria

Feb. 06 2015

by: Anonymous

President Goodluck Jonathan, may God give you the wisdom to act Quickly before it is too late.

Extend your hands to Boko Haram Leadership for Peace Agreement and Cease Fire during which the kidnapped Chibok Girls will be released to you for onward journey home to their parents.

Pardon Boko Haram Terrorists and compensate them finacially just the very way Niger Delta Militants were pardoned and compensated by late Musa Yar-Adua. By doing so you will win the hearts of millions of Nigerians and go on to win the Presidential election on February 14,2015.

Don't behave like late Gen.Aguyi-Ironsi who bluntly refused to release Chief Awolowo before travelling to Ibadan for an official tour of former Western region thereby making Gen Gowon a hero for doing so after Ironsi was assassinated on July 13th.1966.

The Genesis of Present Problems in Nigeria

Apr 09, 2015

by: Anonymous

Let it be clear to Mr. President and all Nigerians that Dr. Jonathan's disobedience to God's own instructions was responsible for his defeat in the last presidential election of March 28th,2015.The posted message by anonymous on 6th.of February 2015 on Abuja was actually a Spiritual message for President Jonathan to carry out.

Your failure to obey God's instructions led to your defeat.

"once more, let it be on record that God Almighty does not condone DISOBEDIENCE from any human being. It should serve as a lesson to all those in authority in Nigeria and all over the world.

The Message for Nigeria and Nigerians.

Let it again be on record here, if at all, Nigeria and Nigerians keep accurate records, that God is not happy with us, because starting from all those in positions of power (past and present) to the common citizen on the street, most of us only call the word "God" but our hearts are very far from Him. This is not only in Nigeria but it is found in all nations worldwide.

Nobody should assume God's position!

God will shake Nigeria and the rest of the world where injustice has prevailed for too long a time. KEEP WATC! The remedy for Nigeria? -of course there is: God is Kind and Merciful to those who obey Him.

"Be warned all those using their positions, offices, professions deliberately mislead, cause problems and hardship for the poor"

For us to avert the calamity, there must be a True and Genuine Reconciliation and Peace making process, put in place as soon as possible.

A Message for the Past Rulers
"Your hands are stained with innocent blood, plead for forgiveness and apologise to Nigerians before you pass on, after which it would be too late.

Apr 22, 2015

by: Anonymous

This is a Spiritual Message for the out-going President Jonathan and the President elect Gen.Buhari.
You may also wish to ignore this message as usual.

I have to remind Mr.President that his assignment has not ended yet, and that he should not leave office without initiating and establishing a Reconciliation Commission or a Peace Making Commission for Nigeria's former Heads of State and Presidents, and all those who feel their human rights were abused or violated by former regimes. This should involve the whole nation.

The exercise should be jointly carried out by the seating President Goodluck Jonathan and the President-Elect, Gen.Muhammud Buhari before the handing over and the Presidential Ceremonies on May 29th.2015. End

The way out for Nigeria and Nigerians

You may also like to read: Nigeria not a nation yet.- links:

Junaid Mohammed one of those mis-leading Buhari.

Permit me to refer to my previous messages to the leaders of Nigeria since 2015, when Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was still the president of Nigeria as stated above – "the genesis of present problems in Nigeria."

We have all sinned and come short of God’s Glory and Mercy! Therefore we should ask God for forgiveness and pray for His Mercy.

Many Nigerians including men and women of God, religious leaders of Christian and Islamic faith, ordinary citizens have prayed for Peace, so that the killings of innocent people and destruction of property can stop.

Let me make it clear to all Nigerians that unless an inter- religious joint prayer is offered to God including Moslems, the killings will continue.

President Muhammud Buhari must attend it, including all former heads of state and presidents and those who feel to be part of it.

It will sever as a re-conciliation exercise of all Ethnics in Nigeria as to seek peace.

I am aware of the fact, that it will be controversial, contested, politicised, by many interest groups and powers that are in Nigeria. This event is the first of a series of what Buhari’s administration must carry out for Peace to return to Nigeria.

The prayer must involve a combination of Christians and Moslems, etc.

On the Christian side, Apostle Johnson Suleman-the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, and Evangelist Binta Faruk-Jalingo should lead the prayers not minding the rankings in the Christian communities and the methods of their callings. This does not mean that the two are better or more righteous than others in the eyes of God, but that is how God wants it. On the other hand, the Moslems should also determine among themselves who should lead the prayer.

The presidency should support the event, morally and financially as to ensure the success of the event. The leaders of all groups should ask for forgiveness of sins, especially for forgiveness of the innocent blood shed so far in Nigeria so that PEACE can return to the country.

Chucks Ugbor,


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