Children kidnapping and slavery in UK

by Mary etta

My contribution in this platform is to raise awareness for concerning issue and a very serious matter, that has been eating me up, there is a serious case of kidnapping of children right here in UK,mostly scotland they try to nickname it as fostering and adoption, what they basically do is to take off black children from their birth parents accuse those parents of all sorts of allegation such as a mother smacking a child without no thorough investigation and no good judgement especially when is a family of black they literally lock the parents up or they might even end the life of those parents and those children literally becomes thiers, so I sincerely plead to Nigerian govt to come to save this families that are involve and should try and fix up Nigeria economy because alot of Africans and most Nigerians here are still suffering in slavery of old and still in existence in UK.

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Kidnapping NEW
by: Anonymous

This is serious. This white guys with their weird kind of thinking.
They don't want to have children of their own, so they revert to taking other people's children. What nonsense.
It is time the blacks rise up and fight such abnormally. This is what the Nigerian government can take up with the UK Authorities. What is the Nigerian High Commission doing about it ? It is good to make all the noise until it gets the attention of those that should act.

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