Coronavirus: Germany reopens shops as lockdown is relaxed and football set to resume


Chancellor Merkel is to hand responsibility for lifting the lockdown to Germany's 16 states

Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Germany's goal of slowing the spread of coronavirus has been achieved, so all shops can be reopened as lockdown restrictions are eased.
Bundesliga football has been given the green light to resume and schools will gradually reopen in the summer term.
Germany's 16 federal states, under an agreement with the government, will take control of timing the reopening.
They will operate an "emergency brake" if there is a new surge in infections.
General contact rules involving will continue for another month. A limited resumption has already begun, but this easing of restrictions is far broader.
Two households will be able to meet and eat together, and elderly people in nursing homes and facilities for the disabled will be able to have visits from one specific person.

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