by Humphrey Akachukwu
(Lagos, Abuja & PH)

We are willing to offer consulting services in the following areas:

• Security Policies and Procedures
• Security Guard Services and Dimensioning of Coverage Areas
• Security Consulting and Training
• Escorts
• VIP Protection
• Executive Ushering
• Security Dogs Services
• Executive Office/Home Patrol
• Crime Deterrence technique
• Special, Target, Routine and Crime Investigations
• Quick Response to Distress/Emergence calls

We would like to be recognized as a leader in the provision of security in Nigeria and a significant contributor to our client’s success.

COUGAR Security Services Limited pursues zero-crime in our assigned locations and the provision of highest quality solutions to client’s needs.


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Jan 30, 2016
Expression(praise) NEW
by: Thaddeus John

My Gratitute Goes To Almighty God, For What He Dont To Me In My Life, Also To Cougar Security Service Limited, For Been Emplyed Me As A Security, To Work Under Cougar, And Give My Miximum Support Attribute To The Company, And I Promis To Do My Best Where EVer They Posted Me To Work According To My Capacity In This Our Country Nigeria. I Pray May The Almighty God, Gives The Founder Of This Company To Have God Fearing Mine, On How To Take Care Adquate And Synphaty, Mercy, Humulity And Dignity To Those That Their Working Under Cougar, Like The Issue Of Payment And Suppervision, Because The Meaning Of The Word "Security" Is To Maintain Life And Property Through The Help Of God. The Name Of Cougar Will Reign Since From 1996 Up To Now Will Reig Forever Ever Amen.

Dec 31, 2015
Complaint NEW
by: Anonymous

A security personnel of yours that was on duty on 31st of December 2015 @#12 foal shade awe street marwa busstop lekki was the most rude and unprofessional security personnel I have ever encountered in my entire life. The guy took his uniform shirt off and took another five minutes trying to put it back on and walk up to us to ask us any questions and upon correction took to insulting us and even threatened to beat us up!! People had to literally pry him off us!!! I love ant to believe that your company does not condone such behavior and that the necess steps are taken in reprimanding this person. As he will give your compan a bad image and reputation!!!!

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