CYBER CORPS PLC....Online,internet & social media consultants.


We are NGO group of Cyber experts on Online marketing, consulting, advert placement & media management security with over 7 years intensive working experience and skills against cybercrimes, we are organising our platform with the aim of securing Nigeria cyber space and its citizens.

Our vision:

Our primary/principal vision is to be a world class responsive cyber space protectors of the Nigerian social media & cyber space against fraudsters and hackers.

Our mission:

Our core missions are absolutely beat cybercrime/fraud to level zero by year 2020, we are also here to make Nigeria cyber fraud-free.

Our values:

Using our newly installed ideas, strategies, skills & knowledge of core solutions to winning the battle against cyber fraud.

Our services:

We intend to, if supported by Your organisation and others to finally secure Nigerian cyber space and social media platforms against cyber fraud like BVN Scam, impersonating, Phishing, Fake e-mail marketing, identity theft, recruitment scam etc.

We also have the compatriotic mind set to also track fraudsters around and within Nigeria abort their mischievous plans and expose their intensions and locations to the Nigeria Police, ICPC & EFCC.

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