by Habib S. Kidaji

First of all i will like to commend you for the website and the provision for the general public to make possible contributions.

I am carrying a study that require details of the FCT, but i have been having problems getting accurate data on Demographics profile of the FCT, Abuja. I tried getting a simple population figure for Abuja and the other Area Councils, but the figures i got were conflicting.

I therefore suggest that a comprehensive Demographic profile should be included in the list of information on the FCT. However, if such information already exist, i will appreciate if i could be directed to the link.

May I use this opportunity to inquire about the rational of blocking a number of access ways to Offices, Banks, Shops, etc that are facing main streets. Buildings on Ahmadu Bello Way for instance, that the access way were now blocked are causing unnecessary inconveniences to the public that use them. The same with buildings in Gwarimpa, the few that i noticed. The current directions the buildings are forced to turn to are not easily accessible in most cases and are not safety at night times.

The action may be in line with the "Abuja Master Plan", but i still believe that policies are meant to serve the general public and where such Policies are seeing to be posing untold hardship on the citizens or the policies appear to be outdated..., such policies should be amended for better, in line with current realities.

This is just a few observations i can make for now and i hope that the relevant authorities would look into my request.

Thank you.

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