Diabetes Overview

by Bunmi Deborah Adegbola
(Lagos, Nigeria. )

Diabetes Overview.

This article include summary information on the types of diabetes. Please consult your doctor / health care team for your own personal care.

In simple terms, Diabetes is the term for excessive buildup of glucose or sugar in the blood stream due to the body inability to produce any or not enough insulin to help take out the glucose and put it in its proper use.
Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas that stimulates cells in the body to remove glucose or sugar from the blood for storage or usage.
There are 4 types of diabetes, which are;
Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1.5 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes

Symptoms of Diabetes.

Symptoms for the 4 types of diabetes are similar. Though you do not need to have all these symptoms to be diabetic but you would likely experience 3 to 5 of these symptoms if you have diabetes.

Increased thirst and frequent urination: As glucose or sugar builds up in your body system, your body fights it by trying g to flush it out thus increasing in you the desire to consume fluid which will inevitably result in you an urgent need to pass out these fluid with frequent urination.

Weight loss: With inadequate insulin present in your body, the body will start burning fat for fuel (energy) which produces toxic levels of Ketone acid in the bloodstream and urine. This is very dangerous and leads to Diabetes Ketoacidosis (DKA).

Fatigue or Tiredness: When there is no insulin in your body, your body doesn’t have the fuel its needs to function properly thus you to be tired easily.

Increased Hunger: Without insulin to use the glucose or sugar in your bloodstream for fuel, your start to feel hungrier because your body needs fuel.

Constant High Blood Pressure: Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are called “Twin Sisters” because they operate together. If you constantly experience high blood pressure then you need to check your blood sugar level ASAP also.

Blurred Vision or Sight: Consistent and prolonged high blood sugars leads to high blood sugars leads to high toxic levels of ketones in your body which affect your vision or sight thus causing blurriness or cloudy vision.

Frequent Yeast Infection: Prolonged excessive high sugar in your blood will come out with your urine and sweat thus feeding the growth of yeast in your genitals or between folds of skin. Treatments for yeast infection will not work until blood sugar levels
drops to a safe and healthy level.

Slower or Non Healing Sores: Consistent and prolonged high blood sugar affect your body’s ability to properly heal itself.

Fruity Breath And Dental Discoloration Or Sores: Persistent sores in your mouth or gum can be a pointer to high sugar levels in the blood also unusual fruity like odour in your breath can be a sign of high levels of ketone in your blood. Unexplained teeth discoloration can also be a sign of diabetes.

Prolonged High Body Temperature: Unexplained increase in your body temperature in the absence of illness should be checked through testing of your blood sugar level.

Please contact your doctor or medical team immediately for test if you are experiencing of these symptoms mentioned above.
Anyone aged over 40 years should annually get checked for diabetes.

Diabetes can be caused by various factors like:

Hereditary: If there is a case or history of someone in the family having diabetes then it’s very important to get tested at least twice yearly for diabetes. A simple blood test will tell you what you need to know.

Lifestyle: Consistent consumption of processed foods and drinks over a long period of time can put you at risk of having diabetes.
Pregnancy: Gestational diabetes is caused through abnormal hormonal changes through pregnancy. Its can transit to type 2 diabetes if proper medical measures is not taking during this period.

Genetics: Type 1 diabetes also called autoimmune disease is caused by the attack of the body on its beta cells which are produced by the insulin which is responsible for control of the glucose levels in the body.

Age: Age also play a huge factor in causes of diabetes. As we grow older the body metabolism level decrease and in turn affect how the body system breaks down food, fight infections and protect the body generally.

Do you fall under these categories? Do you know anyone that falls under these? Then it’s very important to get tested.

Most well registered pharmaceutical shops and offices do have these testing service available and affordable price. Please visit the ones closest to you to get tested ASAP.

Getting tested doesn’t mean you are weak, ill or faithless. Its just means you are wise and proactive.
Encourage and challenge someone you know to get tested today.

Diabetes is a silent killer, be on the offensive with it. Get checked today!!!!

For further information about Diabetes, please visit or call 08108191007 or 09050017533. Thanks

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